Why I’m Thinking About Vertigo

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Just to add some more excitement to my life I’ve been watching the floor and ceiling of my room rock.

No, this isn’t an earthquake. Or alcohol induced.

Just a touch of vertigo.

If you’ve never had it, just imagine you’re on a boat. And it’s spinning and rocking in three directions at once. Whenever you move your head, the spinning goes in a different direction. Or four.

Thankfully, this bout of vertigo didn’t last long. But it got me thinking.

I’m trying to conjure up a system of magic for a upcoming series. And one of the rules about magic is that using it has a price.

What if vertigo was the price? Anyone who’s had a dizzy spell that lasted more than a minute would think vertigo could be a steep price to pay for magical powers.

What do you think? Leave me a comment below. I’d love to know your opinion!

What I’ve Been Writing

When the floor in my office is stable, I’ve been pounding away at a major rewrite of Sting of Power, the third novel in the Outlawed Myth Series. (In case you missed it, Flicker of the Flame, Book 2, is with my editor.) I’m at about the 30% mark on Sting of Power, which I hope to launch in early 2022.

What I’ve Been Reading

Inker and Crown

Megan O’Russell’s novel about Ilbrea, a country ruled by a king and the guilds is an enjoyable read full of romance, politics, and forbidden magic.

Shadow Frost

Shadow Frost is the first in the Shadow Frost Trilogy. It’s a fun middle grade fantasy, written by a teenager. The youth of the author shows, but that doesn’t detract from this tale of adventure, power and betrayal.

2 thoughts on “Why I’m Thinking About Vertigo”

  1. Oh, poor Evelyn! I had a problem with benign positional vertigo many years ago and I do not envy you. Have you been to your doctor? Do you have Minnear’s Disease or something else that can be easily fixed, like mine was? It would have to be some pretty awesome magic laid on me for me to agree to vertigo again! I hope you feel better soon and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

    1. Hi Irene,
      Thanks for your comment! Yes, the doctor did the Eply Maneuver, which made it worse at first, and then much better. Mine is the benign positional vertigo, like you. And definitely no fun!
      Thank you for weighing in on the magic idea…I’m going to have to keep thinking on that.
      Happy Halloween to you!

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