The Outlawed Myth Series

Book 1: Flight of the Spark

An outlawed myth. A forbidden love, that could be deadly. A young girl, who never suspected that those who promised safety were her deadliest enemies.

Iskra is committed to following the rules, the rules that keep everyone safe. Until she learns that most of what she believes is a lie. And that those who promised her safety were her deadliest enemies.

Book 2: Flicker of the Flame

An ancient prophecy, now an outlawed myth. Secrets, long kept, that can kill. A young girl who was never meant to be born. When Tereka’s mother’s rages escalate into violence, the truth of Tereka’s parentage is revealed, and Tereka and her father end up on the street. Undaunted, Tereka seeks to put her shattered life back together. But she soon learns everything she believed about herself, her family and her world was a lie. Between a cryptic prophecy, three magic amulets, and those who seek to murder her, she becomes embroiled in a fight for her life. As the threats against Tereka mount, she unlocks the mysteries surrounding her birth, she is faced with an impossible choice. Will she embrace the scandalous truth—and her impossible destiny—before the secrets of her past destroy her?

Book 3: Sting of the Scorpion

An orphaned girl, powerless and destitute. An Endless War, that threatens to consume everyone in its path. Magic amulets, that hold the promise of victory.

After Damira witnesses the brutal slaughter of nearly her entire clan by a roving warband, she resolves never to feel helpless again. With nowhere to go, she, her brother and a friend surrender to a warlord, resigned to becoming little more than pawns in the Endless War.

But when Wei Fang, a warlord wielding magic amulets threatens to destroy anyone who stands against her, Damira must choose. Will she seek to master the power of the amulets and make a stand against the brutal Wei Fang?

Or will the power behind the amulets destroy her first?

Book 4: Flood of the Fire

Tereka successfully led her friends to escape a prison camp, outwit pirates, and make a home as fugitives in the wilds. But the knowledge that someday her relentless foes will track them down drive her to make good on her promise to topple the rulers of her land—starting with her evil aunt Juquila.

Then an invading army conquers the southern part of Tlefas, and Tereka’s hopes raise. Could the invader be the Desired One of prophecy? Or does he bring greater evil to the land? Now she is forced to determine her role in the turmoil that sweeps the country. The wrong choice could prove to be deadly for her—and the peoples of two warring nations.