Are We Having Enough Excitement Yet?

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How’s this for an understatement: last week was a wild one. In my world, the excitement continues this week. Not only is do my birthday and wedding anniversary fall in the second week of November, but so does the birthday of my twin grandsons!

These events are much better than the ones of the week before, that’s for sure. And I’ll take this kind of excitement over the other kind, any day.

What I’ve Been Writing

I’ve been working hard on Sting of Power, the third book in the series, and am coming up on the halfway point in this rewrite. My goal is to finish by the end of the month. With all the holidays, that could be a little ambitious, but we’ll see.

At the end of the month, Flicker of the Flame is due back from my editor, then I’ll know how much more work I need to do on it. Once those revisions are done, it will be off to the proofreader, and I’ll start preparing for a launch in early 2021. And yes, that’s the kind of excitement I like in my life.

What I’ve Been Reading

A few weeks ago, I started Kurt Schlichter’s People’s Republic, which is a dystopian thriller about life in the US after it splits into two nations: one of former blue states, the other of former red states. I enjoyed it but had to stop when the election got a little too exciting.

So I switched to a series of six sweet romance novels (I know, I hardly ever read this genre): the DiCarlo Brides. The premise is far-fetched: a billionaire hotel chain owner dies, and leaves everything to his six daughters. The catch is that only two of them are from his wife, the other four are from women he’d had affairs with. And the girls didn’t know about all the others.  Under the terms of the will, they all had to work at one of Dad’s resorts for a year and share a house. Naturally none of the daughters were pleased by the arrangement. But in the end, they all find love (with men Dad had picked out for them in advance, of course). Just what I needed in these uncertain times: the certainty that everyone would end up with a happy ending.

How about you? What have you been reading in these exciting times?

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