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Flight of the Spark

Duty. Desire. Destiny.

How far would you go to be safe to be freeto be loved?

Iskra doesn’t question the rules. The rules are there to keep her safe from those who are deemed unsafe or unfair. Anyone who breaks the rules is taken, never to be heard from again. But that’s the price everyone gladly pays for peace and safety. And no one wants to live like the Riskers—barbarians who reject order and justice, and could kill or be killed at any moment.

When a friend is taken because of Iskra, the guilt forces her to do the unthinkable: seek out the Riskers. Iskra’s quest to save her friend quickly entangles her fate with a cryptic prophecy and a young Risker named Xico, who ensnares her heart and is willing to put it all on the line to win her.

With every risk Iskra takes, the closer she gets to true freedom. But every choice carries a consequence. The choices she makes set events she never imagined into motion, and the price of her freedom could very well be her life and the life of the man she loves.

Editorial Reviews:

From Midwest Review of Books:

An impressively original, deftly crafted and inherently entertaining read from cover to cover, Flight of the Spark is an unreservedly recommended addition to school and community library YA Fiction collections.

From Long and Short Reviews:

Devastatingly beautiful from start to finish, Flight of the Spark left me completely enthralled and praying to the sky-god that my predictions for the sequel would come true!…

Though Flight of the Spark was written for a teen audience, it brought with it so many important lessons that especially in today’s world would be so immeasurably important for audiences of all ages. It took me away to a different world, but saddled itself up parallel to the one we live in now, helping me find perspective in these unsure times.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to enter the world that Evelyn Puerto has so passionately created for us. Flight of the Spark will fill you with a magic you may have thought disappeared a long time ago. I can’t wait for the sequel.

From Indies Today:

Evelyn Puerto has laid the groundwork for a fantastic fantasy in this first in the Outlawed Myth series…Flight of the Spark is a wickedly entertaining story for anybody who has ever wanted to break free.

You can purchase Flight of the Spark in most major online retailers, or have your local bookstore order you a copy.

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Beyond the Rapids

Book cover of Beyond the RapidsImagine that you are a believer living in a communist country. You live with the knowledge that at any time you could be imprisoned, tortured or killed simply because you are a Christian.

Beyond the Rapids is the award-winning true story of a Ukrainian pastor, Alexei Brynza, and his wife, Valentina, who endured persecution in a culture that was hostile to their faith as they struggled to raise their four children as believers. Spanning the years from the Great Terror of the 1930s to the time when believing in Christ was no longer a crime, this close-knit Ukrainian family quietly persisted through the years, trusting God for everything. The Brynzas’ four children, forced to choose between God and the communist system, wrestled with temptations of ambition, popularity, love, and wealth.

Beyond the Rapids is a story for all believers everywhere. If you’re concerned about the erosion of religious freedom, if you are discouraged because your children have wandered far from God, if you long to stand firm in your faith, the Brynzas’ testimony of God’s faithfulness will provide hope and inspiration, as they remind us that no matter how our circumstances change, Jesus and His promises never do.

Want to learn more? Read about the Brynza family or watch the Beyond the Rapids Book Trailer.

“More than a book, an incredible experience” is how one reviewer described Beyond the Rapids.  Read the full review and more.

From the Reader’s Favorite Book Contest: “Beyond the Rapids is an incredible story. I was touched by the faith of the Brynzas. Evelyn Puerto brings this story to life. I felt as though I knew the individuals and they were sharing with me.”

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Read Me Before You Write

Cover of Read Me Before You WriteDo you have a dream of writing and publishing a book? What you don’t know could cost you countless hours and thousands of dollars. In Read Me Before You Write, I share the lessons about writing, publishing and marketing books I learned the hard way: through trial and error. Which I explain a little in this short video.

Packed into this short book are tips on improving the quality of your writing, increasing your chances of landing a publishing contract, marketing your book and saving money on publishing and marketing.

The last chapter lists helpful resources for learning to write, finding an agent and publishers, setting up websites, using social media more effectively and much more.

Read Me Before You Write gives writers who have not yet tried to publish their work a realistic view of the world of writing and publishing, so they have an idea of what it takes to become a successful author. You don’t have to waste your time and money repeating mistakes others have made. Read Me Before You Write will give you the start you need so you’ll be more likely to succeed.

Now available on in paperback and kindle editions, and on with Kindle, Nook, Kobo and many other electronic formats.