Futuristic Flying Car

The Jetsons Arrive in Dubai

Futuristic Flying CarLucky Judy Jetson. I grew up envying her life, how she could jump into a flying car and whisk away wherever she was going. I dreamed of the day when I could fly to school in an air taxi instead of plodding along on my own two feet.

Or worse, having to take the rolling yellow torture chamber known as a school bus.


Never did I imagine that flying taxis would become a reality in my lifetime.

But now they’re here.

Or at least coming to Dubai soon.

The question is, would I have the nerve to ride such a thing? To allow some command center to remotely guide the craft from point A to point B?

My overactive imagination swirls with possible doomsday scenarios. What if one of the taxis got out of control? Or it’s controller had a heart attack? Or a terrorist took over the command center?

All possible.

But if given the chance, I think I’d go for it. Take a chance and soar over the city.

And imagine I was Judy Jetson, just for a moment.

Now if they could just bring Rosie the maid to life, I’d be all over that. No question about it.

What sci-fi technology would you most like see come to life?

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