Can You Make a Cake Over a Barbecue?

I’m always up for an adventure, especially if it involves food.

While idly surfing YouTube (I know, I should be writing. Or editing. Or something), this video grabbed my attention. How can you possible make a cake over a barbecue?

Now I know.

As a special bonus, there is chocolate involved! I’ve had a long-standing policy that if a dessert doesn’t have chocolate, it’s not worth the calories.

On days when my will power is actually active, I can easily pass up a non-chocolate dessert.

But that’s off topic. Back to the cake made over a barbecue.

It doesn’t look too hard to make. At least, the guys in the video made it seem that way.

What a great alternative to s’mores as an outdoor dessert! I think I’m going to try this.

Now I just have to find someone crazy enough to try it with me.

Stay tuned to see if I’m successful.

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