Because I Like Them: Take 2

There’s an odd debate in sci-fi and fantasy writers’ circles. Some of them absolutely hate maps and say they are useless. And that readers don’t care about them.

I happen to like maps, of any kind. Those that show real countries and cities, and those that take us to imaginary realms. As I work on the sequel to Flight of the Spark, I’ve had to expand and refine my map of Tlefas.

Readers of Flight of the Spark will recognize some of the towns. The others? Well, that’s where some of the action of Flicker of the Flame takes place.

Just what that is would be telling. If all goes well, Flicker of the Flame will be out this year.

2 thoughts on “Because I Like Them: Take 2”

  1. Evelyn –
    I love maps also. You and I are the same age, so I’m sure you remember stocking up on fold up maps before a road trip. They were also invaluable when moving to a new place before the age of GPS and map apps.
    I love to see a map of imaginary realms included in a book. I refer to them often while reading the story and like to follow along with the characters. If people don’t like them, they don’t have to look at them, right?
    Good luck with Flicker of the Flame. I would be happy to be a beta reader.

  2. Lori,
    I do remember the folding maps! They kept us entertained during long car trips. And were even more fun when we tried to fold them up again.
    Thanks for offering to be a beta reader for Flicker of the Flame. I’ll let you know when the time comes.

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