Some Days You Win, and Some Days…

Some days you win, and some days, well, it’s not so good.

I’d made a big push to finish the rewrite of Game of Lies and get it to my editor. And started planning the launch of the novella.

Then I got my editor’s feedback. A few minor fixes, a few things to shore up.

And a major flaw.

Those are the days when I want to give up in despair.

So I took a few days off to help my husband paint the house. In the quiet hours when it was just me, the primer, and the brush, I was reminded that everything in life is a process.

Painting the house involves a lot of prep. Cleaning the spiderwebs off the wall. Patching the holes made by woodpeckers. Taping the windows.

Only then does the primer go on. And finally the paint. And afterward, touching up the trim.

I’d thought Game of Lies was ready for the touchup phase. Not more primer. Ouch.

But that’s what editors are for. To make the story better than I could have done on my own.

If all goes well, Game of Lies will be ready in the fall.

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