Where Did That Come From?

I was rolling on the floor with my three of my Adorably Cute Grandsons: Number 3 (aged 4.5) and Numbers 4 and 5 (aged 10 months). Grandson Number 4 took one of his older brother’s plastic trucks and did what babies do. He shoved it in his mouth.

Naturally, Grandson Number 3 took exception to that. He seized the truck, but couldn’t pry it from his brother’s grasp. (Babies are strong, in case you didn’t know.)

I reminded him to be gentle with his younger brother.

In frustration, he waved a finger in the giggling baby’s face and uttered a phrase I never thought I’d hear from a child.

“You’re fired!”

In case you’re wondering what the point of that silly story is, I’ll tell you.

What I’ve Been Writing

Changing lots of diapers has interfered with my writing. I did tell Grandson Number 3 lots of stories about dinosaurs and sharks. Who knows, those stories may end up as a children’s book someday.

I have been chugging along with Flicker of the Flame, and am getting ready to start another revision pass. If all goes well, I’ll be sending the novel to an editor in a month or so. While I’d hoped to publish in December, realistically it will be more like February. I don’t want to rush things and churn out a sloppy novel.

I’ve also been outlining Sting of Power, the third in the series, so that I can start writing it as soon as Flicker of the Flame goes out for editing.

What I’ve Been Reading

The Library of Legends

A gorgeous mashup of a story based on true events with fantasy and magic. A group of Chinese university students flee the Japanese invasion in 1937, entrusted with the care of a 500-year-old collection of myths and folklore. Only some of the figures from the legends come to life.

Behold the Dawn

KM Weiland’s novel set in the time of the crusades is full of action, impossible love and medieval history. It’s rare to find an action novel packed with beautiful writing, but this is one that manages to offer both.

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