On Books and BBQ

Image by Chianna Nelson from Pixabay

I’ve often said that eating and reading are my favorite hobbies, best done together. While usually I like to consume my books with wine or some form of chocolate, since I’ve moved to the south, I’ve been branching out a little.

Hence my exploration of the fabulous barbecue found here, as plentiful—and tasty—as the cheese in Wisconsin. Of course, in these days of COVID, my barbecue sampling is often done via take out.

To my surprise, many times when I’ve tried the “house sauce” it’s turned out to be hot and spicy. Not the sweet and syrupy BBQ I was used to.

I’m not sure I like it. But I am loving the fried okra.

And I’m interested to know. Do people really like spicy BBQ more than the sweet? Tell me what you think in the comments.

This really isn’t a random question. It’s book research for a novel in the back of my mind. So your opinion will be very helpful!

What I’ve Been Writing

With Game of Lies back in my editor’s hands, I’ve put most of my attention to finishing the rewrite of Flicker of the Flame. Once that’s done, I’ll make one more pass and then send it off for editing. Yeah!

Since the end is in sight for the second book in the Outlawed Myth series, I’ve started the structural edit of the third, Sting of Power. It looks like the second draft will be much different from the first, but already the new direction of the story has me excited to write it.

What I’ve Been Reading

Looking for Dei by David A Wilson is a charming story about a girl with many secrets, from the scar on her back to her strange magical powers. But if people learn of her powers, it could be dangerous for her. Not only does she have to flee for her life, but powerful people are searching for her, wanting to use her power for their own ends. The magic system is unique and the action fast-paced. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how engaging this book is.

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