The People of Tlefas, Part 1

I’m getting close to finishing Raising Fear! Now that I’ve got the events of the story straight, I’m ready to move on to more detailed editing.

And that means, among other things, knowing just what my characters look like. With an image of them in mind, I can better bring them to life.

So I did a little searching and came up with a few images that come close to how I imagined the people in Raising Fear. Reality didn’t exactly match, but I came close on a few.

This week I’ll share what I found for some of the supporting characters in the story.




He’s the Ephor of Gishin, the village where much of the action takes place. He presents himself as the protector of the village, the one who will keep everyone safe.

He’s big, burly and serious about his job. Dark skinned, with tawny eyes, he’s not someone to cross.


She’s the ultimate social climber, having started life in a family of vendors. She marries the Ephor of Trofmose, the largest city in the region, and finds herself with more luxury than she ever dreamed of. The question is what will she do with her power and wealth?

I imagined her as a sultry and conniving redhead. Does this image capture her?


Or does this one?

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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