Short Stories for the Soul

This winter seems like it just won’t quit. So to help shake off the winter blues, some of my writer friends and I decided to give away a collection of our stories. That’s right, we’re giving them all away for free.

There’s something for everyone: crime, fantasy, young adult, horror and science fiction. Some are fairly short, others are more the length of novelettes. All of them can take you into someone else’s life or adventure and give you a few moments of escape from

My contribution Death of an Alien starts on page 87. I hope you enjoy it, along with the others!

To read the collection, click here.

4 thoughts on “Short Stories for the Soul”

  1. The anthology opens with Evelyn Puerto’s “Death of an Alien” where we meet Natalie clutching the wheel of her car straining to see the road as she makes her way through a torrential rainstorm, while escaping the bombing of the University of Pittsburgh. We travel with Natalie on her terrifying drive trying to reach her family in upstate New York. I could relate to this story because it reminded me of the time when my mother and I were driving through a heavily wooded rural area and we both thought we saw a flying saucer land in the woods. I pulled over and we both looked at each other and asked if we were crazy. We keep staring into the trees hoping to get a glimpse again of what had caught our eye. I enjoyed the tension and suspense that Evelyn set up in her story. It keeps the reader wanting more—especially at the end. There’s opportunity for more stories about the alien invasion.

  2. Thank you, Madeline. I’m glad to know you enjoyed Death of an Alien. In this anthology, it’s on page 87. In the new one (Once Upon a Story) it’s the first one.

  3. Tim Bergstresser

    I’ve never seen an alien, at least that I know about. Perhaps I have unknowingly met one in disguise. Either way, I enjoyed your story. I especially like the idea of his four eyes in a row. It painted a picture of an alien in an instant.
    Aliens and Ghosts have always been fun for me. Nice job on this story!

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