Bridger: A Dystopian Serial

Bridger: A Dystopian Serial is a science fiction story told in serial form that takes the reader on a cross-world adventure full of danger, lies and romance.

After I read the first installment, I was hooked.

What’s it about?

 Global war has bled Earth, and Char, almost dry.

She has sacrificed her health and marriage to climb the ranks of the American Federation Army. When a training accident wipes out her unit, Char is embroiled in a military scandal that leaves her career and health in shambles. Char leaves the army for private security and prepares to hide out in a remote research facility.

Then a humanoid creature from another world appears on the scene. Char sees an opportunity to reclaim her career. She agrees to helm a covert mission to follow the creature back to his world. The mission: takes its resources and gain an edge in the war.

But when an encounter with her estranged husband dredges up old regrets, Char is torn between saving her country and saving the love she didn’t know still lived.

Things didn’t work out quite the way she planned.

Geralyn Wichers

Not only is Geralyn Wichers’ dystopian serial gripping and an exciting read, but it takes a deeply personal bent.

No, she’s never helmed a covert mission through an interdimensional portal, but like the Char, the lead character, she never feels quite good enough.

As she wrote, she felt a kinship with Char, who had given everything she had to advance her career. “Char thought if she got one more promotion, she’d feel worthy of love and respect.”

I know I got pulled right into the story and have loved every episode I’ve read so far. Give it a try. I’m sure you’ll agree.

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