5 Stars from Readers’ Favorite

Readers’ Favorite just reviewed The Girl Who Broke the Dark and gave it 5 stars!  I’m both thrilled and humbled by this review.

This is a magnificent role reversal of the legendary Sleeping Beauty. Author Evelyn Puerto scattered the puzzle pieces onto the board and slowly turned them over to reveal an intricate and complex plot. Once these puzzle pieces start fitting into each other, the brilliance of it is revealed. The author has an amazing gift that keeps the reader interested by stimulating all the senses and having a diverse cast of unique characters. The scenery is rich and descriptive, and I could easily lose myself in this book with characters you love to hate and characters you long to see succeed. I gladly recommend this book to young adults and all fans of fantasy. With The Girl Who Broke the Dark being the first volume, I look forward to finding out what happens next.”

–Ronel Steyn for Readers’ Favorite

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