You Too Can Make a Video

Video is becoming one the preferred methods of exchanging information. So it’s a technique every book marketer needs to use.

Because of this, it’s well worth your while to create some videos about your book’s topic, and in preparation for your book launch, develop a book trailer.

We’ve all seen movie trailers, those short little one or two minute previews that are designed to get us to to see the movie. In this age of video, book trailers are are becoming important marketing tools. You can search around for someone to make your trailer for a few hundred dollars, or attempt to make one yourself.

Google “how to make a book trailer” and you’ll find lots of advice. YouTube has lots of videos that explain how to make and post videos. A few tools that will come in handy are Windows Movie Maker, which comes free with most Windows packages.

You’ll also want to check out Gimp. This free software will do a lot of what Photoshop can do in terms of editing photos. If you need free or low cost images, you can get them from sites like or I found music for my video on for much less than on other sites. So other than paying a minimal royalty for the music, I was able to create this video.

This was my practice video before I attempted a book trailer, which will be my next video effort.

Here’s how to create video:

1. Write the script

2. Collect images to go with the script

3. Decide which words go with which image

4. Put them into a PowerPoint presentation

5. Experiment with timing of how quickly the images change and how the words appear until it is how you want it. Don’t rush it, and make sure the words aren’t too close to the edges

6. Find music that fits your video that is about 5 seconds longer than your PowerPoint presentation

7. Use Windows Movie Maker (which free on most computers with most Windows packages) to add the music to your presentation and add titles and credits. Don’t forget to end with your website address.

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