She Didn’t Mean to Kill the Butterflies

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Have you heard about the girl who thought it would be a great idea to release butterflies at her wedding?

I can imagine the sight. Hundreds of brightly colored wings fluttering as the rose in the sky.

But it didn’t turn out as planned.

The day was so hot that the butterflies dropped dead. They ended up falling on the guests and all over the yard.

The dog, however, was thrilled, as it enjoyed eating the fallen butterflies.

I can so relate to things not working out as intended.

And so can many of the characters in by books. Like Tirk, the brother of Tereka, who is the protagonist in Flicker of the Flame and my upcoming novel, Flood of the Fire.

Poor Tirk. So many times he does something and it just doesn’t pan out.

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