Meet the Riskers

The villagers in Tlefas all know to shun the savage, barbaric riskers. But have they been told the truth about this outcaste group?

As I’ve written about them, I’ve tried to imagine what they’d look like.


Fialka is one of three sisters, all of whom have dark hair and blue eyes. One is practical, one adventurous, and the third, Fialka is dreamy and thoughtful.


Fialka’s father is Osip, graying hair, blue eyes, wise and kind. He lets his wife think she’s always a step ahead of him. That’s how he manages his family, never failing to use wise diplomacy.


Fialka’s younger brother and the hero of our story. So far I’ve only been able to find his eyes: yellow-green like the fields just as they ripen to the harvest.


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