Less Than a Month Away

Photo by Jordon Conner on Unsplash

This is that crazy time of year when everything seems to happen all at once, right? This year between birthdays and weddings and publishing I hardly have time to eat.

Well, not really. I never miss a meal

But there’s so much, I hardly know what to tell you about.

I’ll start with

What I’ve Been Reading

For the last two weeks, I’ve been poring over Flood of the Fire, the fourth and last book in the Outlawed Myth series. My goal is to find every last pesky typo or misplaced comma so the book is as good as I can make if before I put it in your hands. So far, I’m on track to be ready for the launch date of November 15.

Then I can finally share with you the answers to so many questions….

Will corrupt Juquila thwart Tereka’s plans to unseat her from power?

Will Tereka and Tirk ever reconcile, or will he remain Juquila’s pawn?

Will Syzyan and Shagonar keep Damira from succumbing to dark power behind the scorpion amulets?

And of course…

What happened to Iskra?

Find out on November 15!

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