Intriguing New Marketing Site for Authors

The internet is a great place for promoting books, but it’s a crowded and noisy market with a distraction every second. I know I’ve been struggling to establish an online presence for my book, but always seem to get shouted down.

Which is why I find the Bublish concept so intriguing.

How it works is simple. Authors upload digital copies of their books, breaking them down into excerpts. Along with each piece, the author adds an insight, the “story within the story.”

Readers can either just enjoy the fragment that they read, or explore further. Links to the author’s website or an online retailer make this easy for users.

The developers of Bublish say they are trying to mimic the experience of browsing in a bookstore. They seem to be on to something here. This is more than just a listing or catalog, but offers readers something they won’t get anywhere else.

This is something I am going to give a try. Any thoughts on this? Do you think it will help sales?

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