Flying Cars are Now a Reality

I grew up watching the Jetsons, and longed for the day when like Judy Jetson, I would travel by flying car. Decades passed, and it seemed that flying cars would remain just an impossible dream, as fantastic as the scenes from Star Wars with the flying traffic making its way through the city in an orderly fashion.

Not only could you avoid getting stuck in rush hour traffic, but think of the possibilities. Want a picnic in a remote spot? Need to get to a small town not served by commercial airlines? Or just want to drop in on an old friend who lives far away? Or maybe you just need to get out of town in a hurry.

Whatever your reason for wanting a flying car, there’s hope. Flying cars are already in production. The first model to go on sale was developed for the rich, and reflects the sleek design of science fiction.

The Maverick Flying CarThe second was developed for humanitarian purposes, with a focus on ease of use and safety. Check out their video, which explains how they came up with the design they are using.

Anyone else want a flying car? Which would you buy, and how would you use it?

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