Flight of the Spark Pronunciation Guide

Since so many people have asked me how to say the names of people and places in Flight of the Spark, I put together this handy guide. Take a listen:

Flight of the Spark Pronunciation Guide

Or if you’d rather, scan the list below:

Iskra EE-skra

Tlefas Tlee-fas

Gishin Gee-shin

Shinroo Shin-roo

Tavda Tav-dah

Tarkio Tar-kee-o

Xico Hee-ko

Osip O-sip

Cillia Sill-ee-a

Veressa Veh-RE-sa

Fialka FEE-al-ka

Tuli TOO-lee

Luza LOO-za

Ephor Kaberco EE-for Ka-bear-ko

Prime Konamei Prime KO-na-may

Questor Ques-tor

Syndic Sin-dic

Adile A-Deel

Ludi Loo-dee

Waukomis Wa-kome-is

Poales Po-AL-is

Edalia Ed-a-LIE-a

Oyamel OY-a-mel

Maizie MAY-zee

Groa GRO-a

Juquila Joo-KEE-la

Boreje BOR-ay-hay

Altiad ALL-tee-ad

Kargat KAR-gat

Maitla MAYT-la

Baymak BAY-mak

Litavye Li-TAV-ee-yeh

Doloru DOE-lo-roo

Any surprises? Have I forgotten anyone? Let me know in the comments!

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