Finding New Reads

books-colorfulFinding a new book to read is like going on a treasure hunt. I open the pages, hoping to immerse myself in a new world and get involved with characters I start to care about.

Sometimes it works out that way. Other times, the adventure turns into a slog through an unreadable or just mind-numbingly stupid mess. Or something in between.

But there is a way to find new reads without spending a lot of money. I subscribe to two book referrals services, and there are lots more.

Here’s how they work.

You tell them what genres you like to read and supply your email. Then you’ll get daily updates about books, all available in electronic formats. Many of the books are free; few are more than $3.99. Keep in mind, the deal won’t last for more than a few days, so if you want the book, go ahead and get it.

I’ve learned to check the reviews before getting any of these books. A novel can have a hundred glowing reviews, but still be pretty bad. The negative reviews can reveal major flaws, objectionable language or other information that would cause me to pass.

In case you haven’t tried one of these services, here are some of the bigger ones:

Book Bub has loads of categories, ranging from Advice and How-to to Thrillers, and all kinds of other popular genres. They sell through the largest retailers: amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple iBooks, Google Play and Kobo.

Book Barbarian caters to the science fiction and fantasy reader. Like Book Bub, most of the books are free or heavily discounted. They work with the major ebook distributors, so you can read your books on computer, phone, tablet or Ereader.

What Should I Read Next

Another great site to try is Simply type in the title or the author of a book you’ve enjoyed. A few choices will pop up. Click on the best match, and the site will generate a list of similar books.

Which Book

Found at, Which Book lets you set criteria for what you’re looking for. They have a list of 12 criteria (happy vs sad, no sex vs lots of sex, and so on.). You can click on a criterion and adjust the slider as you please, choosing up to 4 to manipulate. Then the site generates a list of books that fit your choices. No reviews are given, so you’ll have to look them up on your own.

Are you up for trying any of these? Let me know what new favorites these sites help you uncover!

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