Don’t Judge Me

I’ve been telling you for months how I’m working so hard to get The Girl Who Wrote on Water ready to release this summer. Part of that was my deadline to get it to my editor by the end of April.


I didn’t make it. I know, it’s kind of lame to miss a self-imposed deadline.


Part of the reason was my own perfectionism that drove me to make one more pass over the manuscript. The other part was traveling to my grandson’s college graduation. While I was disappointed in the delay, I don’t regret for a second seeing him get his diploma after all his hard work.


And, I’m happy to tell you, The Girl Who Wrote on Water did go to the editor last Friday. She’ll have it back to me in about four weeks, and then I’ll be able to set a release date. I hope you enjoy the next installment of Derya and Eliana’s adventures as much I enjoyed writing them.

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