Who Moved My Goals?

target-755802__180Last year I set some ambitious goals. This was the year I was going to take my writing to the next level, get two of my novels published. So I set what I thought were realistic, attainable goals.

Didn’t happen.

Somehow, what looked like achievements that were within my grasp were moved well out of range. What seemed like easy targets to hit became almost impossible.

And it all changed with one phone call, giving me some tragic news.

What happened was my brother died unexpectedly in early February. I spent three weeks in Virginia, taking care of his things. Then I returned home to learn how to become the executor of an estate.

Then a few other family matters popped up, like the birth of a grandson, and well, here we are in December. I was almost afraid to look at my goals and see how I did.

Here’s what I set out to do:

  1. Publish the memoir I wrote for my dying friend, Plucked from a Mango Tree.
  2. Read some books on editing and learn how to do it efficiently and well
  3. Edit Raising Fear, Book #1 in my fantasy quartet
  4. Publish Raising Fear
  5. Draft Stinging Power, Book #3 in the quartet
  6. Edit Wanting Justice, Book #2
  7. Publish #2
  8. Blog weekly
  9. Use social media to be social and build real connections
  10. Find a good critique group
  11. Participate in NaNoWriMo

And here’s what I accomplished:

  1. Done! The official publication date on amazon.com is February 12.
  2. I read two books and learned a lot. I’m definitely not efficient. The jury’s still out on well.
  3. I got some beta readers for Raising Fear, and have their feedback. I’ve yet to go through it and make the needed revisions.
  4. Since I didn’t finish editing, couldn’t publish
  5. I’m about three quarters of the way done with my draft of Stinging Power. I hope by the end of the year to be done.
  6. Didn’t even start editing, which means
  7. No publishing of this one, either
  8. I managed to keep up with blogging, except for a few weeks around my brother’s death and the first two weeks of NaNo, when I totally forgot!
  9. Social media took a backseat this year.
  10. Still looking for critique partners. Know anyone?
  11. I did National Novel Writing Month this year and won! When I started, I was sure I was crazy to even try. But now I’m glad I made the effort. It’s the only reason I was able to get so far on Stinging Power. Now if they’d just come up with an editing or revising equivalent, I’d be in great shape.

So by my count, I completed two, have four partially completed, attempted one, and never made it to four. Not too good.

But under the circumstances, it’s really not too bad.

And I’m going to try again next year. The goals may get moved out of reach, but at least I have some targets to aim for. Who knows, maybe this is the year I’ll hit them all!


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