What Makes You Fall in Love with a Book?

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What makes you fall in love with a book and want to read it over and over and race to buy anything else that author writes?

That’s a question I’d love to know the answer to.

For me, it’s characters that I want to spend time with. And that means people who overcome their flaws and find community and acceptance with others. Add to that a great story and some fun worldbuilding and I’m hooked. I’m willing to forgive a few plot holes and even some less than brilliant writing if the rest is there.

What I’ve Been Writing

I’m giving myself whiplash going back and forth between the third and fourth books of the Outlawed Myth series. It was confusing, to say the least, to keep climbing in out of the heads of my characters: Tereka, Kaberco, Damira, Syzyan, and of course, Juquila. But I don’t want to let plot elements creep in to the fourth book unless the earlier books support them.

And that is why it takes me so long to finish a book. But, I’m going to do my best to release Flare of Power (#3) in late 2021 or very early 2022.

What I’ve Been Reading

Last week I went back to the ever so charming Paper Magician series. It’s wildly creative, with an awesome system of magic and some very endearing characters. And Vera Nazarian released a companion novella (Aeson: Blue) to her Atlantis Grail series which I couldn’t resist. If you haven’t read the whole series, this novella probably wouldn’t do anything for you. But as a fan, I was thrilled to take another journey in the Atlantis Grail world.

So What Makes You Fall in Love with a Book?

I’d really like to know. Drop me a line in the comments!

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