Two chimney cakes

Victory at Last

Last summer, while attempting to entertain my middle grandson, I convinced him to try an experiment.

We were going to make a cake over the barbecue.

I’d seen a video that made it look so easy.

Easy, I suppose, if you know what you’re doing.

If you’ve been following, you know from my earlier post what happened.

We didn’t end up with much that resembled what the video promised.

Middle Grandson was a bit ready to call the whole thing a disaster. I quickly drew up a list of all the things we learned from the experience (not to mention the tasty cinnamon rolls we made from the leftover dough.)

He reluctantly agreed that it wasn’t a total loss. I told him I was going to try again. And succeed.

This time, I had reinforcements. Dear Husband to the rescue. He figured out the problem with the tools we were using and made something much sturdier and useable.

He also knew how to the get the fire going. (Unlike me.)

Then I got to work.

Using what I’d learned the first time, I rolled my dough thinner and wrapped it more carefully.

Holding two cakes over the fire, I remembered one of the problems from last summer.

It’s hard on your back to lean over a fire like that. Even more painful after two minutes, when you realize you’ve got to stand there like that for eight more.

So, I came up with a new technique.

Make Cake over Barbecue



Now I just had to turn them every few minutes.

And the result?

I still had the dough slithering off the spit problem. But by making sure the section just beyond the join was well cooked, that limited the problem.

In the end, I had one great success, and one partial success.


Two chimney cakes

Victory at last.

Now I can report to Middle Grandson the reward of perseverance.

Will I be trying this recipe again?


But I did learn that there are all kinds of desserts that can be made over a barbecue.

That could be hours of fun.

Not to mention, provide some tasty snacking (even our first round of cake over a barbecue gave us that much.)

Now, which of my young relatives will I be able to convince to dust off their sense of adventure and join me?

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