Truly Odd Alcoholic Drinks


Just about every society has its alcoholic beverages, so I set out to come up with some unusual ones for Tlefas, the world I’ve created for my novels. I searched the internet for some ideas, and found some truly odd drinks.


I first heard of kumis when I lived in Russia, but had no desire to try this drink made of fermented mare’s milk. Apparently, it used to be made by pouring the milk into a horsehide sack, tying it to the saddle, and letting it ferment as the rider galloped across the steppe. All that shaking makes for a foamy drink, and like all Russian inventions, it supposedly has all kinds of medicinal benefits.

Baby Mouse Wine

Another “medicinal” offering is baby mouse wine; this one from China and Korea. To make it, you drown baby mice that are no more than 2 days old in vats of rice wine. Older ones will have fur, and you don’t want that in your wine. Wait about a year, and then your concoction is ready to drink.


Moving on to South America, you can try chichi, which is at least a cruelty-free drink. To make this one, you grind up maize, and then chew it. Roll the chewed maize into balls, put them in clay pots and add water. After a few days, you’ve got a drink. It won’t be too potent, but then no one claims it’s good for you, either.


Residents of central Mexico have been brewing pulque for millennia, using the fermented sap of the agave plant. Before the Conquistadores arrived, the drink was sacred and only favored classes could drink it. One change the Spaniards brought was making pulque available to all.

Pizza Beer

Tom and Athena Seefurth wanted to pair their two favorite foods: pizza and beer. They did some research, and came up with a method that captures “the essence of pizza” into the beer. Essentially, they add a Margarita pizza to the mash and steep it, boiling for a long time. Not to worry, all the crust and tomatoes and spices get filtered out. All that remains in the beer is the taste. This is one I might actually want to try.

Chocolate Donut Stout

This one’s another twist on combining beer with a favorite food. I don’t know about this one. Seems to me like it would just be a waste of good chocolate and good beer.

Any you’d care to try? Or would you rather just stick to a good wine?

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