Wisconsin Winter Dawn

Travels in the Time of Quarantine

Wisconsin Winter Dawn
Goodbye, Wisconsin

Social distancing takes on a new perspective when you move to a new state.

The past few weeks were nail-biters for us. Our movers came a few days early, saying they wanted to get our stuff out while they had a healthy crew.

A day after they were done, I heard from the moving company that we won’t be seeing our furniture anytime soon. Their best guess? Early May.

But we closed on both houses with no hitches. We left Wisconsin on a rainy, 38-degree day and made it to summery South Carolina two days later. Very eerie to encounter little traffic in Chicago, and most of the only other vehicles on the roads were trucks.

And now we’re here, sitting on camping furniture, sleeping on an air mattress, and wishing we could meet the neighbors. It makes the sense of isolation all the greater, knowing we don’t know a soul for miles.

Which is more unsettling than I expected it would be.

What I’ve Been Writing

Despite all the upheavals, I’ve been able to keep moving on with Flicker of the Flame. This week, I’m just finishing up one of the big moments in the story, and one of my favorite scenes. Sorry, I’m not sharing any spoilers today!

What I’ve Been Reading

I’m finding in these uncertain days I turn to books I’ve read over and over. It’s kind of like spending times with old friends. This week I re-read the seven YA paranormal romance Walker saga books by Jaymin Eve.

But I also did try something new: the first two books of the Aurora Rising series by GS Jennsen. This epic space opera has action, battles, an alien invasion, politics, assassins, intrigue, and a bit of romance. It’s been great fun to read and I’m looking forward to reading Book 3.

Free Kindle Book

Who else loves free books? This week I stumbled on Frey by Melissa Wright. I’m just getting started with it and am already hooked. It’s free today, and hopefully all week.

How have you been coping with the quarantine? Any book suggestions? Tell me about it in the comments!

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