Tough to find a Good Read These Days

With my limited time for reading, I’m becoming pickier about what I’ll commit to. My problem is I’m a little compulsive about finishing what I start. While it pains me to abandon a book, I did quit reading a few books that didn’t interest me or turned me off, for one reason or another. But I’m not a fully recovered compulsive reader: I did finish a few that irritated me just because I wanted to know what happened. Maybe I need to deal with my high need to know issues next!

Of the books I finished, three stood out.

Words of Radiance

This is the second in the Stormlight Archive series. I didn’t read the first one, so for a while was a little lost. That didn’t take away from my enjoyment of this massive work. I’m not kidding—it’s over 1000 pages long. While I didn’t really get some of the elements of the world (like the spren), I was able to figure out enough that I understood what was happening. The world building of this epic fantasy is breathtaking, and I am in awe of what Brandon Sanderson has created.

The story centers around three people. Kaladin is a low caste “dark-eyes” whose been given command of regiment, a first for someone of his status. He’s charged with protecting the royals from the Assassin in White, who has succeeded in killing rulers all over the world.

Shallan is fleeing her troubled past, but has been given a task to find the secrets that can prevent the return of the Voidbringers and the destruction they will bring.

Eshonai is a leader of the Parshendi, a non-human race struggling to destroy their human enemies.

How these three attempt to achieve their goals leads to an adventure that is simply amazing. I’ve put the first book of the series high on my to-read list.

Whispers and Lies

Whispers and Lies tells the story of Terry Painter, a middle aged single nurse, living alone after the recent death of her mother. Her new tenant, Alison, starts to take over her life. Terry finds herself facing questions about Alison’s motives, and threats from Alison’s friends. Often I can see the twists in a novel coming, but this one completely blindsided me and left me gasping. Great read, especially if you love thrillers. Many reviewers hated this book, saying it’s one of Joy Fielding’s worst. If that’s true, her others must be truly great.

Daughter of Time

A time travel romance set in thirteenth century Wales, Daughter of Time is a fun read of Meg, a woman whose life is messed up (to be kind about it), who blunders back in time and ends up involved with Prince Llewellyn. He’s involved with political intrigue, deception and impending war. The clash of their different assumption about life is humorous, and their growing romance is handled well. There are a few inconsistencies that mar this story, but otherwise, I found it to be an enjoyable, fun read.

What books have you read lately?

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