Things Are Heating Up

Photo by David Law on Unsplash

While I enjoy the summer heat, this year has overdone it quite a bit. Being pummeled by a relentless sun isn’t my idea of fun.

But putting the final touches to my latest novel is. I’ve been hard at work (grateful for the air conditioning that keeps me and my laptop from melting) on The Girl Who Broke the Dark. Although it’s been a stretch to work on an adventure set in the winter. Snow seems like a fairy tale these days.


But I can tell you that as I work thought the climactic scenes of the book, the stakes get higher and higher for my heroine. Toward the end of the book, she’s fighting monsters and a betrayer in an underground cavern. Early readers said they couldn’t figure out how she’d prevail over the forces against. Her.



I’m still planning to release the book in the fall. Meanwhile, I’m still working on the sequel, and of course, a few secret projects.

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