The Gifts 2014 Gave Me

It’s Christmas! Time for writing cards and buying gifts, baking cookies and decorating the tree. Busy days get busier, and carving out time for writing gets even harder. The real meaning of the season gets lost in all the activity.

And in all the frenzy of buying gifts for others, I forget the ones I’ve been given. My mood turns Grinch-like as I try to hurry through crowded stores, filled with equally irritable last-minute shoppers.

So in an effort to adjust my attitude, I took a few moments to think about the gifts I’ve received this year.

1. None of the things that kept me up at night happened. My husband didn’t lose his job, or become ill. Nor did any of the more ridiculous things I imagined at three in the morning.
2. For that matter, neither of us, or any in our immediate family suffered a major illness. After last year, we sure needed a healthy year!
3. We were able to save up enough money to pay off my husband’s truck. What a great feeling to no longer have that car payment!
4. I was able to see an improvement in my writing.
5. I made some new friends, both in person and online.
6. Our next-door neighbors are friendly and kind neighbors, and often bring my trash can up from the street. They are also a joy to be around.
7. As my father ages, he’s mellowing, and we are enjoying a better relationship than I ever thought possible. Had someone told me this ten or twenty years ago, I truly would have laughed. Or been completely annoyed. In any case, incredulous. Clearly they didn’t understand how much change it would take on his part. Change I was sure was impossible. Yet it happened.
8. The time to pursue my writing dreams.
9. Opportunities to make money from my writing.
10. A new job for my husband, one that he enjoys much more than the last one.
11. Opportunities to serve my family and to give to others who are in need.

The more I think about it, the longer my list gets. Thanks be to God for the gifts He gave me this year, the gifts He’s prepared for the next, and most of all, the gift of His Son.

What gifts did you receive this year?

Have a very Merry Christmas!

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