The Cruel Gift

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One sunny afternoon, Tarkio’s father took him on an adventure.

An adventure that would change his life.

What readers are saying about The Cruel Gift:

“The Cruel Gift is the story of Tarkio, a boy who ventures with his father to a place forbidden to all those in his village, save for a select few.  What he discovers is nothing like what he expects. The bittersweetness of the tale both entertains as well as pulls on the heartstrings.  It grabs you from the start and pulls you deeper into the tale with each passing page.  An excellent read.” -O’Ree Williams

“A lovely story, well told. Highly recommend it.” -Selma Martin

“Evelyn Puerto’s The Cruel Gift is a wonderfully written adventure of wonder and heartache that both thrills and pulls on the heartstrings. She has expertly created a detailed and complete world for her characters to roam through.” -Barton K. Mann

The Cruel Gift is both a loving tribute and a heart-rending sacrifice. It is a story about family and love as well as prejudice and acceptance. Anyone who has been a child or a parent or who has ever thought they understood their world and were brought face-to-face with its reality, only to discover they didn’t know much after all, will identify with this story. Loved the characters and the world they populate. Wanted to see more!”  -B.L. Golden 

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