Strange and Scary Times

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How are you doing in these strange and scary times we live in? Every day seems to add more suspense and drama to our lives. Will the grocery store have eggs? Should I even venture out? Does that tickle in my throat mean my allergies are kicking up, or is that a sign of something worse?

And I’m sure what I’m dealing with is nothing compared to those who are ill, care for ailing family members, or work in health care.

Thankfully, as of today, we are healthy and are on an 8-day countdown to closing on our house.

That’s right, we’re actually moving. We think. So far, the closing will happen. The movers have started packing up our breakables and are on schedule to get us out of here on March 31.

But moving our stuff across state lines? That may not happen for a while. Truck stops are closed. Some states are not allowing non-residents to enter. We are hoping for Plan A: move into our new house in South Carolina on April 3. But just in case, we are developing Plan B.

So many moving parts need to fit together to make the move happen. Moving parts I just took for granted a few short weeks ago.

Making life a huge test of faith.

What I’ve Been Writing

I’m revising Flicker of the Flame, the second book in the Outlawed Myth series. Act I is nearly done, and I’m nearly a quarter of the way through Act II. Some faithful early readers have offered great suggestions for making the story even better.

What I’ve Been Reading

Skelly’s Square

I heard about Skelly’s Square on Twitter, of all places. But I’m not sorry I gave it a chance, and I don’t even like dark fantasy. This book is an exception.

Stephen Black’s novel delves into the question “What if your inner demons are real?” His protagonist, Kirkwood, suffers from crippling OCD that keeps him bondage to a series of routines, routines that are dictated by a man named Skelly. Kirkwood assumes Skelly is a hallucination.

Then one day he meets a young woman who has also seen Skelly. Together the battle the evil Skelly and their own inner demons. With its unique story, great writing and fast-paced plot, it’s a great read for dark fantasy fans.

The Killing Fog

This engaging fantasy stars Bingmei, a girl who can smell emotions. She’s also out to avenge the deaths of her parents and grandfather at the hands of bandits.

Then she awakens an ancient evil, not realizing what she’s doing. And she learns that the only way to stop it is for her to sacrifice herself.

The problem it, she doesn’t think the world is worth saving.

Unfortunately, the book ended in the middle of the story, so I have no idea how she resolves her moral dilemma.  Which is my only complaint about The Killing Fog. Had there been some resolution at the end, and a set up for the next adventure, I would be satisfied. Still, it was a fun read. Just be warned the next book isn’t out for months.

That’s all for now. If you have a quarantine story to share, book recommendations, or something else to say, I’d love to hear it. Tell me about it in the comments!

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