Seven Great Writing Blog Posts

Life sometimes gets in the way of things we are trying to achieve. For me, the last few weeks have been spent waiting on my husband as he hobbles around on crutches after bunion surgery, and helping my sister-in-law settle her affairs as she is losing her battle with cancer.

So I thought this week I’d share some of the blog posts written by others that have been most helpful to me. There are lots of great posts on writing, but many of them say the same thing. Here are seven that offer something a little bit different.

1. Looking for ideas for a science fiction story? Here’s a post that tells you how to turn the latest science news into a great story.

2. Not sure your opening chapter is good enough?

3. Trying to write a truly terrifying scene?

4. Having trouble creating nuanced, believable characters?

5. Struggling with coming up with a few words in an alien language? This blog post gives a handy tool for doing just that.

6. Or maybe you are stumped for some exotic sounding names for your fantasy novel.

7. Looking for a way to make your scenes more compelling? Live Write Thrive has an entire series of posts how to vary the perspective of your scenes for maximum impact the way a movie camera does.

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