Pressing the Pause Button

Image by Jarosław Deluga-Góra from Pixabay

I’m taking a moment to press the pause button and think about what could have been.

It was a chilly, windy evening. And my husband ended up in a ditch.

Not through any fault of his own, just some unstable rocks where he was walking.

Fortunately, a tree broke his fall. Other than a pair of scraped knees and some minor cuts on his hands, he was unharmed. So much worse could have happened.

So I’m taking a moment to think about what I am unspeakably grateful for.

There are many other things other than an undamaged husband. In spite of the pandemic, we moved from the upper Midwest to the south. And now were within an easy day’s drive of all five of our grandsons.

And I’m grateful for those of you who read my newsletters and have enjoyed my books. And for the very kind people who left reviews, especially the ones that were so positive they brought me to tears.

What I’ve Been Writing

What else, but Sting of Power, Book 3 in the Outlawed Myth series? I’m more than halfway done with this rewrite. It always amazes me how I plan a scene and the characters take over and we end up in a completely different place than I anticipated.

Next month I’ll be wrapping up the editing of Flicker of the Flame, Book 2 in the series. Still hoping for a launch early in 2021!

What I’ve Been Reading

I’ve been making my way through Long Ago and Far Away, a collection of six fairy tale retellings. All so far have been entertaining, but the first one especially. That’s an author I’ll be looking out for in the future. Next time I’ll give you a full review.

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