Prepare to Be Transfixed

I’m so excited that I can finally share this with you! Here it is…the cover of The Girl Who Broke the Dark, Book 1 in the Royal Mages series.

I know I was mesmerized when I first got it back from Miblart, the very talented team of designers who create my book covers.

What do you think? Does this cover make you want to pick up the book? Tell me about it in the comments. I’d love to hear from you!

16 thoughts on “Prepare to Be Transfixed”

  1. Hi Evelyn –
    It seems like I’ve seen something similar before. I remember the jewels and the little goat. I think it’s very eye-catching, especially with the gleaming lettering. I’m not sure about the adding the description “sleeping beauty with a deadly twist” on the cover, though I think it would be effective to use in book blurbs.
    I enjoy reading your postings on The Write Practice.

    1. Lori,
      Thanks for your reply. I’m glad you like the cover. I added the tag line on the advice of the person who wrote the blurb. She thought it was a better line for the cover than the blurb. Creating covers is such an art form, isn’t it? We’ll have to see how it performs, and maybe the tag line will come off.

  2. Evelyn, this is beautiful. I love the font for the title and the color coordinated font for your name. I remember the first version I saw and this is much cleaner. I did not like the numerous scattered items in that one. This one only contains meaningful pieces. I think fantasy readers will be drawn to the magical effect of the blue arcs and flashes. Well done and congratulations!

  3. Hi Evelyn, I think this looks amazing – very Fantasy. I love that there’s so much going on in the background, lots of shapes and movement just on the edge of our perception. It would make me want to know more about the book and pick it up. Is ‘Sleeping Beauty with a twist’ selling yourself short though? I’ll bet there’s more to it than that 🙂 Oh, and I love the ornate border, very eyecatching. Looking forward to reading it! Linda

    1. Linda,
      Thank you for your comments! I’m glad you feel this fits the fantasy genre and entices you to read the book.

  4. Hello Evelyn,

    This cover looks wonderful. I’d definitely pick up this book and give it a read.

    Also loved the shout-out to Sleeping Beauty. I didn’t think of it much beforehand, but now that you’ve brought it up, it’s funny how I didn’t notice it sooner.

    Excellent work. Thank you for sharing,

    1. John,
      Thanks for your feedback. It’s funny what people pick up on. Another reader thought I was playing off a different fairy tale (I forget which one now). But that other one wasn’t in my mind at all.

  5. I love it! It’s bold, vibrant, and eye catching. I love the colors, the gold font. I would definitely pick up this book if I saw it in book stores or online.

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