Not the Adventure I was Expecting

Image by Lina cao from Pixabay

When I dreamed about moving south for the warmer weather, visions of the outdoors beckoned. Enjoying the nearby parks and the lake were what I had in mind.

What I didn’t count on was the quarantine that closed the parks.

Not the adventure I was expecting.

But others have beckoned. Since we’re still without our furniture, my husband and I braved a trip to the laundromat. It was either that or buy new towels, sheets and underwear.

The laundromat was located next to the Dixie Pig, a barbecue restaurant. The steady stream of take out customers convinced us to give it a try. Yum is the word.

Another outing took us to the county tax assessor, and the DMV. How life has changed that trips to government agencies and the grocery store have become welcome diversions.

Like me, you’re probably more than ready to get out for some adventures. Since real ones are temporarily out of reach, here’s an opportunity for some vicarious ones.

Dystopian Reads

If you’re a fan of the dystopian genre, you’ll want to read on. What better way to endure a crisis than to read about a worse one? Right?

Anyway, here are 60 great dystopian novels, including my own Flight of the Spark. Check them out, and see what new adventures you can get lost in.

Stay safe, and happy reading!


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