I Never Expected This

Growing up, my friends were Jill, Joyce and Jane. Yes, I was the odd one out with the distinctly strange name of Evelyn. My name never appeared on personalized toys. And I was constantly having to put up with being called Eleven. (This is way before Stranger Things.)

Recently I found out that my name has been one of the top ten baby names the past few years. I never expected that the name I endured, wishing for a normal name like my friends, has now become cool. There’s a lesson here. I’m just not sure what it is.

As I continue revising The Girl Who Wrote on Water, I’ve been naming lots of supporting characters, cities and rivers lately, which is why I’ve been perusing lists of baby names. Some of my early readers thought the names I chose were too long. Like Ptolemaida, Pasargadae, and Bisaltes (a city, an empire and a river). What do you think? Should I go for something easier?

And my secret projects are progressing well. More on them in the months to come.


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