My Mother Had Me Sort the Eyes

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“My Mother Had Me Sort the Eyes.”

Isn’t that a wonderful opening line? This is how Elizabeth Graver started one of her works. After reading those seven words, it’s nearly impossible to stop reading. Is this a horror story? Or a story about making dolls or planting potatoes? The way it’s written, I’m compelled to read more.

What I’ve Been Writing

Which is why I’m obsessing over the opening lines of The Girl Who Broke the Dark. I want something that compels a reader to keep going, to read the first page and get lost in the story.

So far I’ve got three possibilities:

  1. Princess Eliana smiled sweetly, hoping her expression successfully masked the desire to use her magic to strangle the Heir of Cinar.
  2. Of all the sacrifices Princess Eliana made in life, wearing a false smile was the one she loathed the most. 
  3. The false smile Princess Eliana wore made her cheeks ache. She eased the pain by imaging all the things she wanted to hurl at her companion.

What do you think? I’d love to know your opinion. Let me know what it is in the comments. And in other writing news, I’ve started revising my next book, The Girl Who Wrote on Water. This one continues the adventures of Derya the Heir of Cinar as she tries to defeat Cetus’ plans for conquering the continent

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