My Latest Purchase: Snakes

No, I’ve not bought myself some new pets. While I’m enjoying the spring flowers and warmer weather, I’m not thrilled with the birds using my front porch as a public restroom. Not wanting to use traps or poison or anything noisy, I thought I’d resort to trickery instead.

Hence the plastic snakes sunning themselves on my porch. So far, they’ve kept the birds away. We’ll see how long this trick fools them. Anybody want to place any bets?

When I’m not trying to outsmart the local wildlife, my attention is on coming up with ways for my characters to outsmart each other. I’m thrilled to be able to tell you that The Girl Who Broke the Dark is on schedule to go to my editor next month. That means I’ll be able to launch the book in November, as planned. I’ve also got a few secret projects planned and can’t wait to share them first with you.

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