My Battle with Inertia

Procrastinating Cat

This week I started writing the first book in my next series. Typing those first few words was a battle with inertia. And fear. And procrastination driven by fear.

Even though I kept telling myself that no one would ever see this draft, I still had to power through, ignore the distractions, and make my fingers type something. Anything.

To my surprise, in just one week I wrote 9,331 words. Not too bad. Some scenes nearly wrote themselves. Others were like slogging through mud. And at this point, I don’t know which of them will make it to the final draft.

The working title is Sleeping Ugly, as part of this novel is a twisted retelling of Sleeping Beauty. But then the story takes on a life of its own. I’ve created a new system of magic and have built an entirely new world for my characters to explore and my readers to enjoy. If all goes according to plan, this one may launch in summer of 2023.

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