Many Reasons to Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, mainly because it is one holiday that has not been commercialized and its true meaning is still acknowledged. I have many reasons to give thanks this year.

Professionally I am grateful that my writing has received some recognition. Last weekend, I attended the awards ceremony to accept my Reader’s Favorite bronze medal. Until I won this award, I swung between believing in the story I told in Beyond the Rapids, and wondering if I had not done it justice. Had I done a good job? Or a rotten one?

Favorable reviews and the bronze medal helped answer that question.

As a result, I decided to pursue writing full time. I’m thankful for this new direction and new career.

My wonderful husband is supportive, for which I am grateful. On the personal side, we’ve seen two friends and a relative cured of cancer and one stepdaughter graduate from pharmacy school and find a job.


God has blessed us abundantly this year. May He do the same for all of you.

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