Looking Forward to More Magic

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Now that Flight of the Spark is out in the world, I’m deep in throws of two major projects.

Two of them involved the fantasy world of Flight of the Spark.

First up is a prequel novella, set three years before Flight of the Spark. I’m still on schedule to release it this spring.

After that, I’ll focus on the second book of the Outlawed Myth series. If you want to find out what happened to Iskra and the others, many of those questions will be answered in the second of the series.

On Writing Dialogue

Last week I was interviewed on one of my favorite writing websites, The Write Practice. They asked me about one of my favorite parts of writing: dialogue.

Writing dialogue that sounds natural can be tricky. I shared one of my favorite tips. Just say the words out loud, and even act them out. It’s amazing how much this helps.

You can read the full interview here.

Shut Up and Read: Still Time Left

Last time I mentioned that Flight of the Spark was a featured selection in GoodReads’ Shut and Read program. There are still a few free copies of Flight of the Spark left unclaimed. All you need to do in exchange is write an honest, short review and post it on GoodReads (and amazon if you’d like).

Just click this link to the Shut Up and Read page. You’ll need to log into your GoodReads account and sign up for the program.

But hurry! Flight of the Spark will only be available for free until February 3.

What I’ve Been Reading

This month I immersed myself in the second book of M MacKinnon’s paranormal romance Highland Spirits series. If anything, I enjoyed The Piper’s Warning even more than the first.

A broken hearted widow tracks down an old family legend, and finds herself involved in more than one mystery. I couldn’t read parts of it fast enough to find out what happened.

Anyone have any good book suggestions? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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