Living in a Dystopia

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As the quarantine drags on, it feels like we are living in a dsytopia. So no surprise that dsytopian reads are wildly popular. After all, it’s not just escapist literature.

Instead, these novels challenge the values of the world in the story. And in some ways, they hold a mirror to the values of our own world.

What comforting, in my opinion, about dystopias is that the stories are usually about making things better. And that’s something I’m sure we all are hoping and praying for–better times ahead.

What I’ve Been Writing

In spite of all the upheavals, I’ve passed the halfway point in Flicker of the Flame’s rewrite.  We’ll see if I can pick up the pace and get the book finished in a few months. But now that restaurants are reopening, I may have to go support the local economy.

What I’ve Been Reading


Recently I asked for book suggestions and someone mentioned Scott Westerfield’s books, specifically Uglies.

Uglies is the first of these great stories of a dystopian world, where everyone is surgically altered at sixteen to be pretty and perfect. Tally, like all her friends, can’t wait for her surgery date, the day she moves from being an ugly to a pretty. But when Tally’s friend Shay runs away, the dark side of the pretty world confronts Tally with an impossible choice.

This is one series I’ll be reading to the end. Thanks, Violet, for the tip!


Vestige: The Rise of the Pureblood is not your typical fantasy. For one thing, the heroine has horns, scales and a tail. Sinopa lives in a world inhabited by humans alongside hybrids of humans and animals. Sinopa’s been framed for murder and is on the run, looking for a way to prove her innocence. But someone is watching, and she’s not sure if they are good or evil.

Told in Sinopa’s unique and entertaining voice, Vestige has lots of action spiced with horror and a little romance. If like coming of age fantasy on the dark side, Vestige by Antonio Roberts is a book for you.

It’s Not Too Late

If you’re looking for some great dystopias, here’s a collection, some on sale. My own Flight of the Spark is included. Take a look. You might find your next favorite story. But you’ll have to hurry. The sale ends on May 15.

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