It’s So Hard to Say Good-bye

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Good-byes are hard for me.

So it’s no surprise I’m feeling a little sad that I’m finishing up my fourth novel, Flood of the Fire.

You see, it’s the final book in the series I started working on in 2013. Most of my writing energy has gone into creating the world of Tlefas and the stories of Iskra, Tereka, and Damira. After spending so much time with them and the other characters in the books, it’s a little hard to say good-bye and turn to something else.

Which, I’m excited to tell you, I’ve done. I’ve already started editing the first novel in my new series, which is partly a retelling of Sleeping Beauty, with a few twists of my own. For a while my working title was “Sleeping Ugly.” I’ve discarded that and gone back to the ever-so-creative “Novel 5.”

I’m feeling a contest to name the next book is in our future.

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