Imagining Tlefas

CliffI’m all about setting and detail these days, trying to flesh out the land of Tlefas where all the action takes place.

To help me along, I’ve been looking for some images that fit different scenes.

This is the cliff Iskra climbs when she’s fleeing the bandits.

Next are what Iskra is told the riskers’ huts look like.








The truth is more like this:

risker house 2

The riskers live better than the villagers, whose homes aren’t much better than what they think the riskers live in. The riskers build their homes of wood to avoid being burnt out by bandits who might attack at any time. Their roofs are slate for the same reason.


They also have started using some technology to save labor, like harnessing the power of water to mill grain.

risker house 1








The rulers, like Kaberco the Ephor, live on a grander scale. Although in the interests of preserving the myth that everyone is the same, they have to hide it a bit. Kaberco’s house is more like this one, but three stories in height.

Kaberco house

The lower floors (and the basement) are used for official business. These are plain and austere. What Kaberco has done with the upper floor where no one but his indentured servants and close friends venture, well, that remains to be seen..

Finally, here’s a look at the mountains where Iskra and Xico hide from their pursuers.

southern mountain


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