How Should I End the Outlawed Myth Series?

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I made a big push the last few weeks and finished the first rewrite of Flood of Fire, Book 4 in the Outlawed Myth series. Now I’ll get back to Book 3, now on the fourth draft.

Which may seem like a strange way to write books. But I’ve found going back and forth is helpful. When I get stuck on one, working on another project for a day or so helps me get unstuck. And in Books 3 and 4, the character use the magic of the amulets much more. By drafting both books at the same time, I’m able to flesh out the system of magic without creating inconsistencies.

What’s Your Opinion?

Which brings me to the question I have for you. At the end of Book 4, the protagonist and antagonist collide. What a surprise, right? But I’m torn. Should the antagonist have a moment of repentance before being defeated? Or should the antagonist remain committed to their evil plot to the bitter end?

I’d love to know which you’d think would make for a more satisfying ending. Tell me about it in the comments!

2 thoughts on “How Should I End the Outlawed Myth Series?”

  1. Hi Evelyn,

    I wondered whether you finished Flood of Fire. Suddenly I didn’t get any more alerts from the To answer your question, I could see the ending either way but I think it depends on the message you want your story to convey. If Dami experiences a moment of repentance, there will need to be more foreshadowing the way you did in one scene where Dami struggled with the scorpion amulets. I enjoyed the inner battle in that scene very much, thought it added more dimension to her character as an antagonist. In life, I think psychopaths are a mixed bag, even when convinced their evil deeds are for the good of mankind. They may have brief moments of clarity. What I loved most about the movie Schindler’s List was the scene where Liam Neeson explains what power is to Ray Fines, who plays the SS antagonist: Fines manages to be merciful for a brief time and then goes back to his old ways of shooting people. Perhaps a brief moment where Dami realizes what she’s doing is wrong and then dies.

  2. Hi Lyn,
    I wondered what had happened to you! Glad it was nothing more than notifications not going out. Yes, I’ve been plugging along with Flood of the Fire. That was a great scene in Schindler’s List. Even the evil commander had fleeting moments of humanity. I’m just about to the end of Flood of the Fire. Your suggestion is a good one, as is the need to tie the end of Damira’s arc to the message of the story. Thank you for your insight!

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