Great Fantasy Series: The Tainted Accords


What do I want to read next?

If you’re like me, that’s a question you ask just about every day.

Sometimes, it’s not an easy question to answer. Then there are those wonderful days, like the day last week, when I instantly knew the answer.

I thought back to a book I’d read in January and decided to read the next one in the series. Which led me to read the next. And the next. And two of the series’ companion novellas.

Want to know what I thought?

The series starts with Fantasy of Frost, and you can check out my review here.

Fantasy of Flight

I have to confess, I almost stopped reading this book about a quarter of the way in. Olina, the main character, has fled Jovan’s palace in her quest to find Kendrick’s murderer. With no other way to survive, she’s become a prizefighter, the only woman who competes in hand-to-hand combat. Just not my kind of story.

Thankfully, Olina’s time as a prizefighter didn’t last long and she finds herself back at the palace. She and King Jovan form an uneasy alliance. Then Olina learns she’s not as alone as she thought she was. These later twists in the book reminded me of why I was so captivated by Olina’s story in the first place.

Fantasy of Fire

Things are heating up for Olina and Jovan, and not just between them. Olina’s evil mother has invaded Jovan’s kingdom. During the fight for the defense of Glacium, Olina and Jovan learn about working with each other, and face the truth about what they need to do to achieve a lasting peace.

Fantasy of Freedom

I couldn’t read fast enough to find out what happened to Olina and Jovan. This novel did a great job tying up the loose ends and bringing a satisfying conclusion after much heartbreak and pain. My only complaint is Olina’s attitude to the man who turned out to be her biological father. She doesn’t even give him a chance to explain his side of the story.

Besides that minor issue, Olina is a heroine I could root for every step of the way.


Of all the characters in the series, Sin was one of my least favorite. Apparently, I am in the minority, since the author chose to write a novella about him due to overwhelming requests from fans.

I liked this book more than I thought I would but feel like the author missed an opportunity. Sin is an extraordinarily handsome man, who uses his looks and charms to sleep with anyone he wants. When an ugly woman spurns him, he becomes intrigued and eventually, falls in love.

Too bad the ugly woman is unattractive only due to starvation, and by the end of the novel, she’s beautiful and desirable. There could have been much more depth to the story had this not happened, and shallow Sin learned to love someone for who she is as a person, and not just her looks. Still, this was a fun and entertaining read, and I started liking Sin in spite of myself.


Olina’s brother takes center stage in this novella. There were some interesting moments as Olandon comes to grips becoming the ruler of Osolis, a role he’s always thought would go to his sister. When his love interest arrives from Glacium, she becomes the star of the story, leaving poor Olandon to become a supporting player in what should have been his own story.

My conclusion? The series itself is outstanding. The two novellas aren’t quite as good, but still provide solid entertainment and another little taste of the world of Osolis and Glacium.

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