Good or Bad Marketing?

3 lb box of Godiva truffles


I never thought it was possible, but I think I have too much chocolate. My husband came home yesterday with a Christmas gift from one of his vendors: a three pound box of Godiva truffles. I did the math. That’s 8400 calories. While I appreciate the vendor’s generosity, it just feels over the top to me. Add that to the fact my husband can’t eat chocolate (keeps him awake at night), I’m not sure the vendor achieved anything with this expensive marketing effort.

Figuring out what marketing efforts will get readers’ attention is something I struggle with. How to be heard in this crazy and crowded marketplace is a challenge. And once I have their attention, will they buy my books?

I saw this clip of Martin Freeman’s interview about the making of The Hobbit. He gives few serious answers, some (in my opinion) a bit over the top. It’s getting people’s attention, but is it good marketing? I doubt many people will be offended by his comments, as they are clearly not meant to be taken seriously, but that is a danger we all face when we stray from the safe and conventional.

Freeman’s interview probably is helping fuel talk about the movie, which is what all involved want, as long as talk translates into purchased movie tickets. Boring and predictable interviews don’t get attention. Neither does marketing that’s so afraid of offending that it goes unnoticed.

Has anyone had success with marketing strategies that took some risks? I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

And by way of disclaimer, I always enjoy gifts of chocolate in any form.

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