Giving Indie Authors a Bad Name

Recently I had a conversation with an aspiring author, and she told me what she learned at a writers’ conference she had attended. “Independent authors are basically selling first drafts. They aren’t taking the time to polish their work, because they know they won’t make any money unless they crank out lots of books. A traditional publisher would force them into producing higher quality work.”

Is this true? Considering the source, (people working in traditional publishing), this assessment might be a little harsh. But based on several novels I’ve read recently by independent authors, there is more than a grain of truth in these comments.

I know I resent spending money on a book, only to find the author didn’t bother to use commas or make sure the characters stayed in character or were believable.

We all owe it to our readers, especially those who pay money to read our work, to give them value for what they paid. Here’s an excellent post on the subject with great tips for ensuring quality work.

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